Wellmark Precision Metals (WPM) is based in Wuxi city, Yangtze River Delta region of China. We specialize in custom manufacturing precision Cold Rolled Stainless Steel Strip, Low Carbon Steel Strip and Powder Metallurgy & Metal Casting Products.

WPM was founded in April 2006, within eleven years, WPM has grown from a small operation to become the larger and most recognized name in Precision Steel Strip master supplier in the China. Currently, WPM has invested three factories to manufacturing precision stainless steel strip, low carbon steel strip and powder metallurgy & metal casting products respectively in Wuxi city.

For precision stainless steel strip, our factory is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, such as High Cold Rolling Reversing Mill, Continuous bright annealing furnaces, Stretch-Bend-Leveling Line, and precision slitters etc. The precision stainless steel strips are strict compliance with JIS, ASTM & GB Standards. WPM is capable of producing many kind of ultra light, ultra flat, ultra hard, and ultra wide precision steel strips with various Thickness (Gauges) as thin as 0.038mm (0.0015”), Width as narrow as 2.0mm (0.079”) with Slit Edges, De-burred Edges and Round Edges etc, in a broad grades of J4, AISI 201, SS 301, SS 304, SS 304L, SS 305, SS 316, SS 316L, SS 410S, SS 420, SS 430, and 6Cr13 etc. with different surface finishes and other special requirements (like Oscillate Wound Coil Packing, Sand blasting Surface treatment etc.). At present, our production capacity is around 700 MT per month.

For low carbon steel strip, our factory is equipped with Horizontal Continuous Pickling Line, Reversing four-high Mill, Two-high Planishing Mill, Batch Bright Annealing Furnaces, Vertical Slitter Line, Auto Thickness Tester, Precision Grinding and Total Digital DC Control System etc. The carbon steel strips are strict compliance with JIS & GB Standards. With various Thickness (Gauges) as thin as 0.06mm (0.0024”), Width as narrow as 12mm (0.47”) with Shearing Edges, in a broad range of grades of SPCC, SPCD, SPCE, SPCF and SPCG with different surface finishes and other special requirements. At present, our production capacity is around 900 MT per month.

For powder metallurgy & metal casting products, our factory has various equipments made in Japan and China, include 10 sets of 5T-250T Press Machines, 8 sets of Punching Machine, 6 sets of Precision Grinders, 10 sets of Lathes, large Centrifugal Casting Equipment and a whole set of perfect inspection equipments. We have developed more than 340 categories (or models) of Powder Metallurgy & Metal Casting products, which are widely used in the automobiles, motorcycles, micro-motors, Industry Sewing Machine, Copper Sheathing, Axle Sleeve and Iron Sheathing etc. Our production capacity is around 240,000,000 pieces per year.

WPM has obtained certificates of ISO9001 quality system in 2008 and ISO14001 environmental system in 2010 with mission to produce “World Class” precision materials, in order to compete with all other producers around the world. Our products are broadly used in many industries with special requirements, such as Electron information, Optical Fiber communication cable, Equipment Manufacturing Industry, Automobile parts, Spring Industry, Flexible metallic tubing, Medical apparatus, Textile, Semiconductors, Cutting tool, Band & Hand saws and so on.

WPM has always pursued “We Do Our Best to Ensure Your Satisfaction” for the purpose, adhere to “Quality first, Customers first, Integrity-based” with you hand in hand with the progress, to create brilliant.

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Wellmark Precision Metals


Fax : +86-510-82136047 

Address: No. 2419-20, Unit 173, Starlight Plaza, Guanshan Road, Binhu District, Wuxi City, 214125, Jiangsu Province, China. 

Email : sales@well-mark.com 

Website : www.well-mark.com 

We Do Our Best to Ensure Your Satisfaction.